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Over the past 30+ years, I have collected many amazing sales tips from sales professionals all over the world.
Make sure you visit this website on a regular basis, as I will add new tips all the time.
People keep asking me what makes a sale (and what not). My answer is always:

 It’s All About Communication

The way you communicate with your prospect or customer determines whether your prospects likes you or not. If the prospect likes you he will also trust you.
So always remember:

people buy trus


To build up the trust you must keep asking questions and show a genuine interest in your prospect. If you only repeat a couple of pre-rehearsed standard questions your prospect will feel that you are just acting like a robot. I don’t konw about you but I don’t trust robots…

Of course it’s important to be well prepared for every sales meeting or sales call but do show a real interest in the person you are meeting or calling. That will make the difference that makes the difference…

Here is a growing list of Subjects for our Sales Tips and Sales Tactics which will be coming on a weekly basis:

Do You Like Being Sold To?
Are you one of those people who likes to be “Sold to” wherever they go? I’ll put my hand up and say that I’m in that category – much to the disgust of my wife when we go out shopping together!

Your Biggest Challenge In Selling
many unsuccessful sales professionals have some fixed ideas in their heads that their successfull colleagues were “made for selling”. That is a limiting belief, hampering your own success in sales…

A Customer Is “Just Looking”
Now, if you work in the retail industry then this tip is just for you! No doubt, if you have worked on the shop floor, hearing those three dreaded words “I’m Just Looking” have annoyed you, aggravated you and made you damn right angry at times…

These Are The Worst Questions In Selling
The questions you ask during a sales call can determine the success or failure of the call. Some sales people make their job more difficult by asking really bad questions…

Are You Losing On Price?
What’s the biggest objection you face in attempting to close sales? If you’re like most people, your answer is “It costs too much!”

What if You Don’t Close a Sale?
It is okay if you don’t close a sale, as long as you close for something else…

Big Money
There exists a super elite group of top salespeople that make all the BIG money. They operate on the fast track and have mastered new effective selling techniques. If you want to join them you need to master ways to exploit the 80/20 rule…

What do you do when one of your best customers has been hunting around for a better price? The customer makes it clear to you that they see no difference between your product and a much cheaper competitor. You’re told that they all look the same. Sounds familiar…

Stop Cold Calling
I wasted many years cold calling, trying it on with marketing people and attending networking events. Then when you do finally find some good sales opportunities the competition are already all over it… Well guess what? Top Sales people have been keeping a nasty little secret from all of you…

Questions Questions
In order to make sales, you must ask questions, questions and more questions..

Get Past Gatekeeper
Some secretaries are so protective, the don’t let you talk to their bosses! Here is some advice to get past this gate keeper

Make A Difference
To make a difference in sales you have to make your contact more personal. I still keep a present I received more than 20 years ago

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