Make a Difference!

This Is How You Make A Difference

Years ago I was selling design software and hardware.difference in selling
I’d made a deal with IBM and sold their personal computers, together with my Computer Aided Design software.

Another company was also entering the PC arena and wanted to compete with Big Blue.

To be quite honest I was not interested to sell other PC products, but one day a small package arrived in my office…

These guys did something brilliant which made change my mind:

They sent me a paper weight made of marble with a gold plated top with my name engraved.
The letter in the package just said:

“We thought you may need this to stop the bills of our colleagues in the market blowing away….
Please allow us a 14 minute appointment to show you how you can reduce those bills to a much more acceptable level”.

Today, more than 30 years later, I still have this paper weight on my desk.

People “never” throw presents away with their name engraved or printed on it.

And yes, I made the appointment (which lasted more than an hour) and have been doing business with them for years. Why? Because they had proven to me in a very original way that they could make a difference .

There are many other original ideas of presents you could send to a prospect in order to get the first appointment:
– a solar calculator
– a nice pen
– a paper weight of different material (!)

I’m sure you’ll find something different that makes the difference with the client and by the way: do also remember to bring something special for the gate keeper!

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