Stop Cold Calling

Have masses of Sales Leads Chasing You

Andrew Barker

If you’re frustrated because you don’t have enough well qualified sales leads…. And you’re sick and tired of wasting your best selling hours cold calling or sucking up to marketing people then…

I know exactly how you feel

I wasted many years cold calling, trying it on with marketing people and attending networking events. Then when you do finally find some good sales opportunities the competition are already all over it…

Every good sales professional knows that to be really successful you have to have good supply of well qualified Sales Leads. The more sales leads you have, the more you can “Cherry Pick” the best deals…

Well guess what?  Top Sales people have been keeping a nasty little secret from all of you…

Today it’s all about “Systems”, whoever’s got the best “Selling System” WINS…
More specifically whoever’s got the best “Selling System” for finding lots of well qualified sales leads WINS …

The more sales leads you have, the more selective you can be;

• You can get into opportunities early and define the ground rules…
You can “Cherry-Pick” the best opportunities that are easy to sell…
• You can “Cherry-Pick” those with the shortest timescales…
You can “Cherry-Pick” the accounts that will pay the fattest commission cheques…

When you actually think about it, it’s hard to come up with anything that could be more fundamentally important to your success in sales…

But wait it gets better than that…

One of the “secret Skills” of top sales professionals is not only to build a “selling system” that finds them masses of well qualified sales leads. It’s to build a system that has masses of business calling you…

In other words the way you ‘open’ the sale pretty much determines everything else.
Why is this so Important to Top Sales people?…..
Because they get treated as an invited guest rather than an unwanted pest…

They are immediately respected as a business professional whose time and opinions really matter.
They then get to use this POWER to influence and shape the entire sales process.
They get to sell on the “INSIDE”….While everyone else is stuck on the outside…

Just stop right there for a moment, just imagine what it would be like, if you had an abundance of sales leads chasing you…
Do you think that you would sell more? Do you think that you would sell a lot more?

Are you getting the picture…?

Solving this problem is what has made me Top Salesman.
It has pretty much turned my very average sales career around….
I now earn 3 to 4 times I ever dreamed possible and work less hours than most other sales people …

The best bit is that you do not need to do all that much different.
Once you know “How” to build a simple selling system that has well qualified sales leads into calling you, you can quickly & easily start enjoying the juicy benefits right away…

“That’s right. Easy, Simple and Remarkable results…”

Listen To Win Sales

how to listen photo

Very few people are good listeners. In your everyday life: how many people can you remember who actually listen to win more sales, are good listeners, people who remembered your name or  what you said?
In fact you may have met a couple of people in recent weeks you thought were good listeners.
What were your feelings towards these people.  I am sure you have more Trust, Confidence and Faith in them.  Most of us find it very hard to listen.

Talkers instead of Listeners

Sales people think of themselves as being good Talkers instead of Listeners.
You hear people saying, ‘He is a born Salesman’. He has the gift of gab.
Kerry Johnson in his book  ‘Mastering the Game’ says: “many people believe that speech is power and that listening is subservient”.
He believes a good listener has much more power in a conversation.

The listener  is able to get more information than the talker.
When two people are talking,   the person who controls the conversation is the person who is asking the questions and listening.
The job of the sales person is to listen to his customers.  Most successful  sales people will agree and as a matter of fact are good listeners!

Qualities of a good listener

A customer will usually:

  • Repeat and Clarify Information
  • Exchange Information
  • Listen to Emotions
  • Always be Alert and Attentive
  • Never distract the Customer while talking

Listening is an essential skill for making and keeping relationships.
Once you are a good listener people confide in you and trust you.
Listening with Openness is very important.

When you are face to face with the Customer you need to do the following:

  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Paraphrase
  • Clarify by asking questions
  • Concentrate
  • Keep away from distraction
  • Be Committed

So the next time you meet a customer, focus on listening instead of talking!


Retail Sales Strategy | I’m Just Looking

sales strategyBy: Sean McPheat

If you work in the retail industry then this tip is just for you!

No doubt, if you have worked on the shop floor, hearing those three dreaded words “I’m Just Looking” have annoyed you, aggravated you and made you damn right angry at times.
Well, many customers will say this as a stimulus response to get you off their back and to give them a “breather” whether they are actually buying or not. Some customers will say it because your greeting is the 12th one they have heard that day and they are fed up with being approached by sales people.

No matter what their reasons are for saying it, just appreciated that it is an automatic response.
So how can you overcome the “I’m just looking” response?
Well, Here are two tips to help you.


Think about the most common greetings you say to your customers on a regular basis.
You might even find out that you use same greeting every time.
Well, if you are using common openings like “How may I help you?” or “Do you need any help?” you are leaving yourself wide open for a “I’m just looking” response

Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t use those openings but you should vary them throughout the day depending upon the circumstances and the customer. You really do need to make yourself different to the rest.

Just think about it – your customer may have been in 7 different shops before yours and has received the same opening from every sales person! They will be really wracked off if they hear “How can I help?” one more time!

Make yourself different from your competition. Make the customer say to themselves “That was different” or “That was not the norm”.

So what sort of greetings can you use?

Well, look at the circumstances in your shop and then tailor your approach.

For example, you are selling mobile phones and someone is looking at a top of the range brand new model – you could say something like “They make them more smaller and more stylish all of the time don’t they?” or “That’s a real stylish design isn’t it?”

If the customer is young, looks hip and trendy you could say something like “That’s a real cool design isn’t it?”. If the customer is wearing an expensive suit, looks business like and formal you could try “XYZ supplier keep on pushing the boundaries with their models – it looks amazing doesn’t it?”
Think about what you currently use today and then write down some openings that you could use in the future for different types of people and then use the circumstances in the shop to tailor them and adapt them accordingly


People buy from people that they know, like and trust.
By creating an opening based on humour you will break down some of the buying barriers that may already exist with your customer.
It is also a great way to build up some rapport right from the word go.
It will also be something that your competitors will most likely not have done so it will put you at a distinct advantage over them.

So how can you inject humour into your opening?

Well, there is a great opportunity to use humour when you get the “I’m just looking” response so you could actually set that up if you wanted to.

“Hi, can I help you with anything?”

“Oh, I’m just looking”

“That’s fine, please feel free as it’s the only thing that the Prime Minister has not managed to tax yet”


“Hi, how may I help you?”

“I’m just looking thanks”

“That’s fine, It’s a lot warmer in here than it is out there! When you see something that you like, look for me and I’ll let you know whether it qualifies for the special offers that we have go on today. Was there anything that you were looking for in particular?”

Creating an effective opening can make or break a sale and you need to practice what we preach, also when, for example, you are exhibiting at a conference or at a show.
You should challenge yourselves never to use the “How may I help you” “How can I help you” opening line.
If we do, we have to put a fiver into the kitty for the post-show beers!

I know those tips will help you to overcome the “I’m just looking response?” but remember they will only help you if you actually implement them.